Are You Ready To Flip Your Entire World Upside Down?

Posted on 01/31/2023



Stretch beyond your limits and push past what you thought was possible with an adventure that is truly unlike any other… Open your mind to fascinating new experiences with a truly unforgettable, incredibly transformative, and highly exclusive experience that will leave you speechless beyond your wildest dreams. 

Venture out into the void and reach outer space, only with Exotik Journeys. Sip on cocktails and chat with your fellow few passengers as you take in the extraordinary 360° views of Planet Earth, gazing through the largest panoramic windows ever flown to space.  

With comfortable reclining plush seats, glare-reducing materials, a wonderful refreshments bar, a fully equipped washroom, and even Wi-Fi onboard, the SpaceBalloon™ Neptune will provide maximum comfort for you and your fellow 8 passengers on this 6-hour voyage. 


And not to worry… the spaceship has a splashdown cone at the base, so you can expect a smooth landing on water.  

This package includes 1 seat onboard the SpaceBalloon™ Neptune, private limousine transfers from the airport-hotel-launch center, 4 nights’ accommodation in a 5-star Orlando hotel, entry to the Kennedy Space Center (where you can experience behind-the-scenes tours), daily breakfast, and a bespoke culinary and beverage selection onboard the spaceship. 

So… Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?   

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